About me

I am photographing since I was a kid. My first camera was a small Kodak – Instamatic which I won in a contest at our local photostore in Volksdorf. It was a small plastic camera, it had three exposures  : sunny, cloudy and flashlight. 

In these days I was proud to own this little camera and made, within the limits of my pocket money and my grandma's sponsoring,  quite a bit use of it.

A few years later  I was given my late grandfathers Rolleicord.

The Rolleicord was a little complicated to handle, but a hell of a good camera.

A little later my parents gave me their old Contax, my first camera with interchangeable lenses. This camera gave me opportunities I had never ever thought of before.

Later my school gave photography classes which I happily attended. In order not to depend on the equipment at school, I established my own darkroom to develop film and pictures at our home.

After getting out of school  I have  had a number of Cannon – cameras, i.e. a Canon EF an AE1  with a number of interchangeable lenses. When living in Munich I bought my “don’t leave home without it” – camera -  my first and only Leica.

A number of years later, due to too much work during a pretty long period I quit serious photography.  This was when I bought my first digital  camera which was as easy to handle as my first camera. Just click and go. The quality of my  pictures was -  well  - as pictures taken during vacations sometimes are. I better don’t show them.

When I was in my fifties my wife asked me if I had any idea how I would intend to kill time once being retired. She was obviously scared to have me hanging around and being in her way.  At this time I had not even spent the slightest thought about retirement.

But she was right : I was in need of a hobby !

So I decided to do what I had enjoyed before : photography.

I packed up my old gear and went to see my former neighbor Bernd Nasner who owned the well reputated  photostore Photohaus Colonnaden in downtown Hamburg.

He took a quick look at the equipment I had brought along – telling me that my analog cameras and lenses would be pretty nice, but would not fit to any modern digital device.

I ended up buying a brand new Olympus OMD E-M5.

Later this camera was replaced and by now I have all the lenses I think I need.  Any photographer knows : thought I need. But – maybe I will need another, better new lens or filter, for specific purposes.  One has to watch : it can be like being on drugs.



My special thanks go to Bernd Nasner for his good advice and putting me on the MFT – system to start with.

Most sincere thanks to all the photographers I met during my first tours, giving me some guidance and advice.  I would like to point out one of them :  Jan Sieg, an excellent photographer. I recommend to check out his blog, you will love it.


But now, let me invite you to enjoy my website and the selection of photographs.

I would be delighted if you leave your comments in the visitors - book.